Tuesday, September 30, 2008

X-Pack time

As always, we have to put out an expansion game to all our titles. I was given the lead role on the game, which at the time I thought was awesome, but it really set my art work back because I was now managing other artists more than I was working. Not a good thing for someone as green as I was, but we got the game finished. Here's some x-pack stuff I got to work on. I'll try and and get more texture sheets posted when I find them :)

My first love...AoM

Age of Mythology was the first project/game that I really worked on. I was part of the Age2 team but my only contributions to the game was pretty much only grunt work. I started out working on terrain for AoM, but quickly found that buildings and structures best suited me. I worked on all the Greek and Norse buildings in the game and some Egyptian. Here's a couple of images I've gathered together...

Hello Blogger's

my first post of my first blog. exciting stuff. thought this would be the best way to post some of my 9 years of work at ensemble studios. i'm sure everyone has heard, but in case you haven't; microsoft has decided to shut down the studio after the completion of halo wars. so with that i'm in the process of gathering up as much of my work as i can and share it with the world, not to mention the possibility of helping me find anther job so i can feed my family :)